Collection: Shantae Morgan - Charity Collection

Step into my world of scent and sensation with Shantaè Morgan's special collection of room sprays, bath salts, and candles. As a connoisseur of cozy spaces and luxurious aromas, I've crafted each product with love and attention to detail. From the moment you walk into a room filled with the delicate fragrance of my signature sprays, to sinking into a bath infused with soothing salts, and finally, relaxing by the gentle glow of my hand-poured candles, every experience is designed to envelop you in indulgence. Join me on a journey of self-care and sensory delight, where every breath is a moment to cherish, and every space is infused with the essence of luxury. 

Until July 19th, 2024 the profits from this collection
 will benefit the Pride Museum of Texas!

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